Artwork by Grant Yun

The Station3 Patron NFT

Support the largest IRL Web3 Community. Your Patron NFT purchase will help fund $2.7M in workplace grants given to Web3 teams, builders, developers and artists at Station3.

(850 of 1,000 NFT’s to be sold during this initial phase. Price of 0.88ETH. Max ever will be 1,000)

Public Mint July 11th
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What Does It Mean To Become a Station3 Patron

To date, Station3 has already issued over 40 grants to individuals, Web3 teams, and artists. And we expect over a three-year term to provide over 100 Team and 300 individual grants to builders, developers, and artists.

The primary purpose of the Patron’s NFT is to build a world-class IRL Web3 ecosystem in New York and to support the development of Web3 technologies, teams, and artists.  We’re also building out an exciting Event Program focused exclusively on running multiple Web3 events every week.

● As a Patron, you're helping hundreds of Web3 teams, founders, and artists succeed. We expect Patrons will be well rewarded for supporting this community.

● Your Patron pass gives you unlimited access to work from the Station3 facility and be part of the Web3 community.

● Full access to all token gated events (IRL and Virtual) and parties.

● Your Patron NFT is also a limited-edition artwork from a famous digital artist.

● Automatically enrolled in raffles for a wide range of giveaways, such as a Ringers, QQL (Tyler Hobbs parametric artist) and very limited edition works by Emily Xie, Harvey Rayner, Laura El, Arsonic, Thomas Lin Pedersen, to name a few. Bob Loukas is giving away 50 lifetime memberships to Bitcoin Live.

● Ongoing rewards from our community and artists who support the cause.

The Station3 Ecosystem Patron Rewards

Station3 Patrons

Patrons support the Station3 ecosystem, promoting the teams and artists within Station3 through their generosity.

Station3 - Web3 Teams and Artists

Possible team Token Drops to patrons. Artists NFT Drops/Raffles to patrons. Allow list access.

Station3 - Web3 Community

Station3 builds the largest IRL Web3 Community. (Teams, Solopreneurs, Developers, VC’s, Artists, Events)

Upcoming Patron Giveaways

Added benefits of holding the Patron NFT. Through the generosity of our Web3 community, Patron Holders have a chance to win:

Edition of 25 Hand Signed Prints by Grant Yun

by Grant Yun

Parametric Artist - Tyler Hobbs
Minted by - Tyler Hobbs
With a hand signed print, by Tyler Hobbs
Raffled to Patrons August 28th

by Tyler Hobbs

Ringer #792
Raffled to Patron holders Sept 30th

by Dmitri Cherniak

A very limited edition piece
Raffled to Patron holders late 2023

by Laura el

10 individual drops, combination of 1/1's and limited editions
Raffled to Patron holders Q4 - 2023

by Harvey Rayner

2x Very Limited Editions
Raffled to Patron holders Q4-2023

by Emily Xie

Raffled to Patron holders Q1-2024
A Limited Edition of 10

by Thomas Lin Pedersen

A very limited edition piece
Raffled to Patron holders Summer 2023

by Arsonic

50 Lifetime memberships to Bitcoin Live
Bob Loukas' private membership service (value $5k+ each)
Raffled to patron holders Aug 15th

by Bitcoin Live

More Artist coming soon

Artist coming soon

About Station3

Station3, located in the heart of the Financial District, is a beautiful and collaborative workspace environment supporting builders and artists in the Web3 ecosystem.